Monday, 7 January 2013

Need for speed in my life!

  I used to believe that my favourite pc game, was favourite just because it was a bit easy. But maybe I was wrong. I love need for speed, but not all of them. There are two of them - as far as i know actually- that they don' t have cops.These are need for speed underground 1 & 2. The first was released as pc mode on 2003 and the second the next year. I can remember myself putting my brain on fire with those games... And I was only 11 years old .That was the second year of owning a pc.
   I can think of myself having a possession with the sound of the motors and with all the staff of the car's body. I have learnt a lot of things about cars and maybe that game was the reason that I liked motorcars. I studied things about 'em and sometimes I like discussing with boys. I m sure that I know nothing but I m really intrested in them. I would like to know how to drift and also I would love to drive in a track driving, I would really love to put my feet on the accelerator and make it fly with 300 klm / hour or maybe I would like to try new models of cars. Handlings, body shape, aerodynamics etc are only four of the things that
I love on them.
   And one of the most important things... The SOUND! The engine's sound.... Somehow it is inseparable with my two first favourite cars which are Subaru impreza & mitsubishi motors evolution . I was also in love with the oldies... Mazda RX-7, which is not available due to shut down of its production linin (they had some engine problems due to Vankel's engine -hope i wrote it correctly-). I can think of myself putting the speakers level on really high volume, just to enjoy the sounds -and also the songs.

   So... Today, that I am 20 years old and I have driver's licence, I took a look back in those days... in those  addictions...

    I forced my car's engine to make a loud noise for some seconds... Just to feel how it is to be a street gansta...

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