Thursday, 15 October 2015

It exists!!

   I was always saying that I do not belong to Greek cast of mind. I have been searching for THOSE people who would share Something with me. Something little . I was searching for them and I had been so disappointed for not finding any. Until today!

   Today I met a guy, who is Really different from the others (apart from my fiance, who is always an exception ). I mean, really, the very first person I know, who is a young gentleman, with ambitions, plans and not a will of useless flirting! (I do not mean that flirting is useless, but since I want friends, I don t want to flirt). He has  a girlfriend and he has already made me feel that we are friends. In a certain point I think I can count on him. We have some things in common, such as the love for nature and traveling.

   I really wish he won't let me down, like everybody else had done in the past...

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