Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Questions about love.

   What makes up fall in love?
       Why do we love specific people instead of others?
And how does it work?
     Are we able to stop it? Can we control it at least?
           And is it love when we like someone much from the very first moment?
Do the friendships have to pass through love or love breaks the friendship?

Για σένα.

  Is it all about chemistry or should we also do some math? Is there any special phenomenon about the way people fall in love? Genetics? DNA? Traditions?

We fall in love with people we know, that is common logic of course. But how can we see a person on a photo and claim that we like them instead of waiting the love do its magic when we meet them?

And the most important... Can we prevent other people from falling in love with us? Or stop them if they do already?

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  1. Μήπως ξέρει κανείς?
    Έλα μου ντε?
    Αν ξέραμε πως δουλεύει θα λύμαμε το παραγωγικό πρόβλημα της γης.
    Όταν εγώ τάλεγα......
    Dna και τα αρχ... άστα να πάνε μη τη ψάχνεις.


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