Saturday, 9 January 2016

Song of the night

   I don' t want to return to my room tonight. there is no place I can fit it right now. I m in a pub, drinking. I m gonna get drunk. It s the only way to stand this reality. The roommate, the distance with my fiance, all the decisions I have to make, the lack of personal space, the friends...
   You told me so many times "We are ALL alone". I couldn't believe you. I wanted to try, to see.
And now? Yes, I am alone. But you know, sometimes I like being alone. Some other times I need someone to hold my shoulder and look deep in my eyes... "everything is gonna be ok. Not right now, but in a few hours" And that s it. A few hours only...

    Please, be magic, do magic. Take me out of here. Take me back, in my hole. Let me in

You have told me... "people come and go". Oh, yes, I know. Now I know. It is always a matter of time, a matter of intentions.... schedules...

You were once next to me. Then you hurt me and what did I do? I let you back in my life again. I had forgiven you without being asked to do so. And now, you are invisibly around me, trying to...what? Hurt me again? Oh no, now you are the one who got hurt. And you are seeking for me. Even though I ignored you, I rejected you. What do you want?


A dog approached me and made me feel better. Oh yes, I love dogs...


  1. Δεν ξέρω ποιος/α είσαι, αλλά έχεις δίκιο. Μερσί.

  2. Ξέρεις. Υποχρέωσή μου! :-)

  3. Kάποτε πίναμε καφέδες κάναμε βόλτες αλλά κυρίως συζητούσαμε ανοιχτά, ειλικρινά και εποικοδομητικά!

    1. και που ειναι ολα αυτα τωρα...; :)

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  4. Όμορφα χαραγμένα και κυρίως ανεξίτηλα στη μνήμη μου όσα χρόνια κι αν περάσουν. :-)


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