Friday, 5 February 2016

Writing task 1: "A coffee date with the person you were a year ago", part 1

   A page of my diary.

10th of Jan 2015

After submitting my work for a course at university, I decided that it was time to have a coffee.  I grabbed my phone and started giving calls to my closest - in the area- friends. Everyone was busy studying or either out of town. I wasn' t discouraged that much. I chose to go out alone and have a cup of coffee in one of my beloved places. Besides, I was totally worth it after so much studying. So,I packed a book in my bag and headed to the coffee shop.
   Within a few minutes of my arrival there, I was enjoying a cappuccino. Being settled down for reading and relaxing, I noticed a familiar face entering the place. That was unbelievable! I could see a girl completely like me, inspecting the place. That was really strange! I was amazed and shocked at the same time for seeing a person that we look alike. She glanced at me. I was thinking of speaking to her, but I was feeling afraid at the moment. Did she know that she looks like me as well?
   She approached me. I let the book on the table and hypnotized observed her. Was I fainted? Dead maybe? How could I be out of my body?

   "Hey, silly!", she said.
    My eyes were wide open, waiting for her next sentence.
    "Can I sit, please?" she asked.
    "Yes... yes you can" , I replied as if she was my lost twin sister.
    "Well, I am so sorry for bothering you, but I have a mission to accomplish and ....", she was talking like she wanted me to answer a questionnaire about cosmetics.
    "Excuse me? May I interrupt you?", I politely asked her.
    "Oh, please, do so".
    "Are you aware of us looking alike?"
    "I am, but please be patient and you will understand as well.", she comforted me.
   I had no other choise rather than remaining silent.
    "Well, you will not believe me , but I am you", she eventually claimed.

   Of course I only thought that she was joking. After pausing for a minute, I told her that this was completely impossible.

   "Well", she begun, "I have many things to tell you, even if you don't believe me exactly".
   I was dying to listen to her story, even though I was prejudiced. I thought that even if she lies, I can still enjoy my coffee time with someone and...who knows? Maybe I could earn a friend.
   "So, I am, you know... coming from future!", she said cautiously. In case this was real, she would had already predicted that I wouldn't believe her easily.


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