Monday, 28 March 2016

Bad luck

   I ve thought that in Liberec I would find friends. But I was wrong. I invested my time to people who don t consider me (back) as a friend. I am only their toy, to pass some free time, to have a coffee. They give me a chance,but then they change their mind, because I probably do something wrong.
Some people just want to fuck me and it can happen, so i take it as something normal. But no one wants to find the real ME. No one respects my time or give me theirs. No one believes in me actually.


I am bored of being just a toy.
And the worst thing is that some people I met before, like my fiance more than me. So they somehow reject me.
All the fucking time is someone else there..... Always....
Unfortunately I will never be like him. It is possible that I will never even like my self, the way it is.


  1. Hahaha... Do you consider yourself like this??? For me your one of the most precious gems I found as a friend... Your fiance was an added benefit for my friendship... But take things slow... Be with people who really care about you.. You need to see that first.. And then life becomes easy and happy and fun

    1. Sometimes I am really disappointed. Then I change my mind. And then again and so on.
      It is somehow easy to find friends, but is hard to maintain the friendship. That is always my problem as you know already ! :)

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  2. I was talking to my friend Sudeep actually.


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