Friday, 1 April 2016

My letter for all of you.

   I am in a very strange situation in which I should make a dicision between my life in Liberec and Thessaloniki, my friends and my fiance, and of course my... careers! Life is full of choises- good and less good. The best thing is that I still feel like a 19 years old girl, so all the life is in front of me. There is always a way to do something. It is just that also always something is gonna be missing. Never full or complete means the perfect. Otherwise, why would we fight for?
   But dear friends... Please, tell me how the situation in Greece is? Should I return in July or in October? You are gonna tell me that there is only a difference of 3 months. And I m gonna reply you that I cannot make up my mind. The mind that I could never put in a place. The mind that always wanted to take that body and escape somewhere far. Well, now I made it. I m not so far, but I have escaped. To another reality. To less problems.
   Oh no. I have escaped to different problems only. Nevermind. I like it here. I live for the present, everyday. There are challenges also every day. I have become a bit stronger, but you know.. I am still a kid inside. I get frightened or scared, I am curious or exited, I get sad or happy... And this is life. I m gonna value the moments differently from now on. And I m not alone.
   I have the support of my lovely fiance. There are problems that we fight together. There are jokes that we make together. There are plans, friends or comversations...
   Yes, this is my darling future husband. Who cares for the "name". He is what he is and he is in my life. THe one is in the orbit of the other and there is no collision. What if I hadn't have him?
   Dear friends, I am happy here.  I appreciate everything that I had and I still have. I have onced touched my limits, but I didn t collapse. I am here, I am strong and I m still a... thinker!
   Keep in touch. Write me back and see you soon!

The Greek girl in Liberec,

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  1. Return now, fazer is waiting....1st of April! ;)


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