Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Officially back in Thessaloniki!

   Hello my lovely friends,
Just landed!
   After one awful flight and a second indifferent one, I am finally back to base! I surprised my
parents already on my mother's birthday and I took  part in a few outdoor milongas near the white tower. Nothing compares to the Greek coffees, so much of variety and so many places to see or visit.
   Also, nothing compares to how lazy the days can be spent here. I am ready to and almost already adapted to the life here. I expect nothing any more than my self to improve my skills and make my days full of activities. But not the same every day again and again.
  I feel more independent, but the only problem as always is the time and the money. Well, I am going to figure this out once again... I am really positive about it. See ya around.

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