Thursday, 23 February 2017

Discussion concerning subjective and objective truths

Parts of the significant mail exchange I have had with a very important person in my life now. Things are quite changed. Quotation marks show the parts that are unchanged. My comments follow.
  • "The thing with luck is, you're probably lucky several times a day without even noticing it. The big ones when the car misses you by centimeters or you win something are less frequent, but they're mostly happening outside of your comfort zone. If you try and change some safe routine you're doing over and over, you can find it easily."
  • "Control is an illusion." You can build a bond, but you cannot control the other person. Only share things.
  • Luck is a state of mind, not coincidences or events. We need to pause for a moment and reconsider our everyday lives. It' s better to take a short break, to realize how lucky we eventually are and even stop envy other people's lives. Each of us has his own path, their own moments to live.
  • "People who complain all the time are mostly those conservative people who (subconsciously) like to complain". My -lovely- friend... I disagree about the word "conservative", however about the rest, you are right. A thing to add, is that no one at the end of the day gets anything by complaining to other people. That sinks you deeply in the same repetitively routine of talking about how unlucky you are and what things could have happen to you if... And then, when you have  a -let's call it- bright idea, you keep speaking around the ways to achieve anything or the possibilities together with the positive outcome. Thus, the person has the illusion of putting effort on achieving it, whereas they actually only spend their energy on bragging how they finally came up with something great. Oh great...
    As you see, I know it very well, as I had been a whining person for the most of my life. Nevertheless, I have decided to change. And I did! More action, less cry.
  • "People like security, because it gives them illusion of control", but you know... you have already mentioned it: Control is an illusion. The moment you let go, you are free of burden, anxiety and drama. I have got to internalize that, since I can see that it doesn't work as a "post-it" note in my mind. No. No more bridles. Be free and [yeah, why not].
  • Purpose. Yes, get a purpose in life. Simple tasks for the week (now I can only apprehend and have a justification about why {the fuck} we had so strict schedule as children or teens. Because it actually gets your shit together. That' s why. It gives you commands, tasks, reason to get organized. And come on, it wasn't THAT hard after all.
    Yes, maybe some days you wanted to scream or quit from being a human or a person of the society, since the stress was way too much, but look at you now! You are still alive and a part of it. Yeah, whatever. Could you please, think of yourself having endless time to finish a project, finally take up these dance/language/drawing/whatever-the-heck-you-chose-to-do lessons or even the courage to speak to someone, without forcing yourself to follow a schedule? Do you even think that we would go to schools as kids? "Yeeeees mom, I wiiiiiillll study" ~ liar.  However, back then, we weren't able to conceive the positivity of the whole concept. Conclusively, it was a tested formula for our own good. Or I guess so.
    Consequently, we should have a bigger dare in life. A dream, a plan to follow. And maybe organize our agenda a bit, to be focus on that big dream. Sleep is essential, fun is satisfactory, friends as well, but what about our mind-psychology pleasure? I love that feeling of accomplishment. (Well, afterwards there is an inevitable part of emptiness, but the achievement is still there). Then you raise the standards, so you have something to fight for. Understood? Knowledge and self-improvement. What else? Beers and fun only? No.
  • Last but not least: There is no competition, therefore no winner. Constant fight for your own beliefs. 

Many things are missing, because I feel really sleepy, but this post is a part of the things-I-needed-to-do. And there was no postponing. 

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