Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Spare time to write a thing.

How can I delete people from my life?
How can I forget moments? Is it the same as holding moments in your mind forever?

It s been an awful night and of course alcohol made it worse. What did I even thought about?

Loneliness hits me from time to time. That's when I sing this:

People are not contacts in an application to just erase them, and retrieve them back from the back up memory. Whatever you live, it s a moment, some minutes, some time and then it flies away.

Aren't we all alone eventually?

People that I might never see again, or people who I repel. As always. 
Do not come close to me, so you would not see how hurt I ve been. You should not see neither feel my thoughts, my emotions, my wishes...
Do not touch me anymore. It hurts like hell.

I have nothing more to give. I cannot. 

It s still me, but some things are missing. And I end up hating me for short time. 

I don t know where I belong anymore. I am a man with no land. That s all for now. 
But I am ok after all. 

Was it all just an imagination? Or was it really awesome?

Love this song:


  1. The answer to first two questions is:

    Life is all about what you focus on. The positive and negative connotations that we give things are not real. When you want to forget someone or something, you still focus on it, maybe even more, so it can't go away.

    Love the existential loneliness mention tho. Don't get caught in it. Embracing it is the key.

    Yours truly,
    Trustworthy internet stranger

  2. I try to love the loneliness but sometimes it hits me hard. And then there is a loop of repeating the same routine over and over again and it is difficult to escape. Otherwise, loneliness can help you relax and think about your life or self.

    Thanks for the comment, Trustworthy internet stranger!


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