Saturday, 8 April 2017

I Amsterdam

   I 've been to an amazing conference and my mind got new information...


The proud me, holding my BADGE!!

The lounge area for breakfast and coffee, snacks or even lunches!

The area of museum underneath us:

This is a part of dinner. Salmon with ginger foam. Let me repeat. FOAM. :D

Alkmaar during night:

Is this AMSTEL?  Yeap.

Oh, a moment of silence for my -somehow- failed try to make my own Freddo Espresso at a bar near Muiden castle. Lol, we both drunk them (my friend got another one).

Oh, by the way... We got the moment of the opening of the bridge! Yupieeee!

This is Amsterdam calling. Answer it.

For more photos, whether ask me or google. 

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