Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The little things in life is what matters!

 Today I went after my work to pick up my...little friend of 5 years. It s maybe the 4th or 5th time she sees me and everytime she looks happy, but today it was a bit different. The door of the kindergarden was open, so she saw me while she was playing with the other young friends. She chucked them up and she came to me shouting with a smile on her face:
"Anicka je tady!!" (Ann is here (but more like "little Anna").
She hugged me and when another mom came to pick up her kid, she again introduced me. Then, we went home. Everytime, without even asking her, she gives me her hand and sometimes she talks to me (I barely understand, because she is not completely able to pronounce correctly yet and I am a begginer in Czech, however we have fun).

Afterwards, while I was getting ready to leave she asked me to stay longer and she demanded the reason I had to leave. She is a very well-behaved kid and she looks extremely cute!

Where do I place my order for a kid like that?? :D

She really warmed my heart today.

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