Thursday, 6 April 2017

The story of the (wannabe) forest

It all started with a question: -Can you paint?
-Can I...paint what?
-A tree!!
-Ok, I've done this before. How big?

Fuck me, right?
But bitch, I did it.
At first I thought, let's be the child I tried to be once again. Here:
(Press on any photo to make it bigger)

ok, it's the first thing on the...wall?!? Really??

nope, you cannot make it look better with marks?? Are you crazy?
Maybe with a second one?? And some extra details on the first...

add the leaves and the branches.

Yeap, exactly. It's me. Oooon a table. Later there was even a ladder on the table!

I had an idea!

Aaaand, some mushrooms!

Maybe it s time to show you the finished product. Ta-da:

Signed it. 

I like my mushrooms.

I am proud!!

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