Thursday, 3 August 2017

The unexpected turn

So, in a previous post (in Greek), I mentioned that I met two Greeks, one from my city.

Well, we went out again and we were a beloved company of him, Sudeep, a female colleague of mine and myself.  My colleague and Sudeep had met the previous night, when we went for drinks in a place where we had view of Prague, from above!

As I was saying, the Greek guy- let's call him- Lazaros (even though his name is pretty bad-ass in Greek and I like it), took us for lunch and then we continued for beers. The place has a big variety of foreign beers (because why not) , so I wanted to get a taste.

While we were discussing about -pretty much- everything, I explained something getting an example from tango music. At this point, Lazaros explains he had been a latin dancer, professionally.
*Jaw drops*

And he has been a teacher also.
*Wider opening of jaw*

And he had been teaching tango as well.
*Jaw reaches the pavement*

I asked him if he knows the teacher I had there. One question as an answer "was he a taxi driver before?"

~Damn, yes!~

I had no intentions of meeting Greeks anymore. I had no intentions of finding a dancer. I had no intentions of making friends around my job area.

Well, well, well... It happened!

The guy is simply amazing, funny and lovely.

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