Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Laser game - WOW

   So, the other day I had the fun of my life!!
   We went with some people of my team for team- building activity: laser game. 12 minutes of running, chasing and shooting each other.

   I sweat(ed) so much, that I had to change clothes afterwards!
   I bended, crawled, fell down, ran into people, screamed, hit the walls, but eventually it was totaly worth it, since I got the 2nd place! [yes, it s an achievement since my aiming skills suck and I hadn't played it before - in contrast with the person in the first place who can be considered as a veteran{lol}]. And the point difference with the first rank was very small.

   Here is our photo,  right after the game:

Now I am looking forward for the next game, with this or even another group of people! 


  1. I don't know if you were the bad or the good guy in the game, but you are absolutely awesome in this picture! This game is perfect for you! Keep rocking ;)

    1. We played all against everyone, so I had to save myself and only :D

      Yes, I found the perfect thing for me. "Boy-ish" stuff once again.


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