Thursday, 31 August 2017

Some update!

So, my life is not only going in an excellent way, but even better of what I imagined.

I am having answers on questions I used to carry around, like "why did all those situations happen in the past?".

To grow.

I had to get rid of some toxic people and change environment, in order to become bigger and better.
I am not sticking to a place where I cannot evolve myself. I am not a tree.
I am not sacrificing my studies, my knowledge and my skills neither I m wasting my time on people who were irrespectful towards me or had nothing to offer back to me (when they were constantly taking from me...), situations full of unnecessary difficulties and a general mentality which I never felt I fit it.

I am satisfied from myself.
All the rest, could be excuses.

So, here is a collection of photos.

From this (last summer) : 

I went to this:

Nice, huh?

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