Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Ok, I lost this competition, not because of  justice, but it doesn't matter much. As I said, what one gains on the way is more important.
So, that's what I keep. This competition pushed me into reconsidering of my work, life and the balance between them. It makes me think (everyday, I dare you not ), about which next -careful- steps I need to take.
The paths are many and the choice will be only one each time.

But good, because I m growing better now.

And before sleeping with my angel, I realized how badly a choice injured me: letting (or even putting) myself in the wrong hug and denying the reality...

"He used to pull the strings a lot, he wasn't a gentleman", that's what I keep from my friend commenting about him, by adding also that he was not even a man.
Nevermind, it is a very long and old story now... ( which almost cost my life itself though)

You know, my life is interesting. Very.
I have many untold stories and many hidden memories. But that is the past and I am only looking at the present.

I m more careful to whom I offer my time and knowledge and most significant, my sympathy!
I am wiser than the previous self. And now I even pity my older enemies.

But I beg your pardon, I need to go now.
An important day is coming tomorrow like every other from now on.
Good bye.

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