Tuesday, 19 June 2018

The career promotion

Hey folks,
Sorry for not being active in here, but in April I started training for my new position in the company i work. Yes, I got a promotion in less than 9 months. The training got over in more or less 3 weeks, and for the last one and a half - more or less- month, i have the new position.
I dont remember if i told you i was an accountant with specialization in billing (customer invoice analyst) and now I am a cash manager. Again accountant - once you start you cannot escape I guess...lol- but the responsibility is huge! This position is a transition and the people involved are all around the world - India mainly but not only.

 Anyway, I don't want to get to deep into that shit.

We foster a cat nowadays- Omikron. The name is not from me, even though Omikron is the letter O in Greek:

But I don't think so we are keeping him, due to my commitment issues...
Something or someone has fucked me up on this.
Anyway, more or less that is a short update. I m still working on the greek story I used to write....

Pets can remind us there is a whole different world outside of out offices or work schedules.
But am I ready to recognize this and move forward?
I doubt...

(yes, we bought a huge cat tree)

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