Tuesday, 7 August 2018

I resigned !

~*  Having two months of notice period, I took advantage of the end of July and I handed over my resignation letter. And along with this, I gave them back all the stress, the anxiety and the lies they fed me. That promotion, came along with strict deadlines. I need to tell you that I can deal with deadlines, but I cannot bare the lies... "Yes, you ll get it soon", and it never came... it s the 5th month now but still it is not coming...
   On the contrary, more tasks and work came, along with health issues. "Take your vacations days" they said, as if I had a back up. No, it was only me who couldn't take a single day off and I had to cooperate with the most uncooperative people I have met in my work-life so far. Unprofessional-ism flooded from everywhere and I was alone, fighting with different fronts of attack. "I m not a superwoman", I said to my team leader when I was asked for the reasons of resignation. And those are my last 4 weeks here, since they owe me 18 days of vacations. I won't be able to train someone on time, I guarantee that. But, sorry, not my fault anymore!
  Along with all this, today came the results from the doctor examination: "Please, make an appointment with me, we need to discuss something". F*ck me.   I am terrified. And I m not pregnant, if that's what you mean. It could be something more serious. Stress can cause many problems. I have been dealing with many health matters lately and due to my hectic work, I was even unable to attend the hospital. Great.... Let's see what I have to face now.

   Braking down for a job every other day is not worth the payment. Being used as a toy and not for your brains, can cause psychological damage. But it is not irreversible. I will rise again and I will keep growing. Just take a look on my resume and have me in an interview to let you know all the amazing things I am able to do, if given the right opportunity.

   It was high time I resigned and I have no remorse at all. Going forward. *~

If the above text is imagination or reality, it is up to you to decide.

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