Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The last six months and 2017

The last six months have been the most peaceful in my life...
I have got a great job, an amazing house, a number of important people around me, three dogs ( I am fostering Katie and the other two are friends'), a bunch of dreams and accomplishments, new clothes and style and a peaceful mind!! I have gotten rid of annoying or toxic people. Life is short to have us spending our energy to make people talk to us (or worse, like us). If they want, they will. No pushing, no begging and no expectations!

Nasty, cold, dominant, abusive (mostly psychologically), indifferent boyfriends are over and I won't ever waste my precious time on people who don't deserve it. You care? Show it. Say it at minimum.

The previous year of 2017 gave me an amazing life lesson and it's a year I will never forget, no matter what.
It is the year my teenage years came to an end.

The last brought several positive changes. And those changes came from realisations. About me and the people around me as well.

There are several of them that I would love neither to remember nor to see again (be honest, we don't forget). There is no drama of "lost time" though. I am only wiser.

My heart is clear and my soul is finally calm.

And that big lesson taught me that all depends upon people surrounding us. Negative, dramatic or jealous persons need to stay as far as possible. Of course, we cannot expect to keep them out of our lives, because in one or the other way we will have to interact with some of them (I.e. colleagues). However, make sure that you have not more than a very necessary contact with them as they can easily drag you down or out of the way.

Think good and always stay positive.

That's the short Katie :

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


One of my favorite singers and songs...

I love her with the curls. Absolutely stunning!!

And yes, I am that kind of woman: not the mother of the man !
So, boys, get your shit together. That 's how you lose the love: when you get too comfortable. 

Saturday, 17 February 2018

My honors :)

   Last month I was awarded by my department as the O2C star of the month January. Let me explain... My team "the Europe Billing team", belong to the Order to Cash department of the company I work for here in Prague... And few times per year they give this award to someone who is suggested. In other words "the employ of the month". Yep, that 's me in only 6 months!
   After that, I was considering of a change in my position which I discussed with my beloved manager... In the meantime we had some visitors: the upper managers from America! Yoohoo! ( I love those stuff). Of course I didn't miss an opportunity of showing off my pretty face and have an amazing little chat with the three of them in a private meeting room (not my fault that noone else from the department visited them). Note, that those actions need true interest for one's work and for some people, bravery to open the door and speak. But I lack none of them and thus I was offered to participate in new upcoming projects. Yay!
   So, long story short, in the not-so-short meeting with my managers I heard some truths that I couldn't expect so soon in my career.. I was astonished to hear that the three upper managers new already about me by my department manager and I was very happy when she told me that she was not surprised at all when she found us in the meeting room, discussing (which by the way I left after I hugged all of them!).
   What made me get frozen from awe, was the phrase the manager used for me:
" I am sure in some years I will come to you for advice, because you are aspiring, hard-working and a person who helps others". I mean "wow". All the four more or less (including my department manager) told me to wait for the right moment and that in the business area we need more people like me... WHAT AN HONOR! They also told me that I am young and I have years ahead of me to achieve my dreams (yes, I have calmed down about the lost time in my life, a lot). The last thing my manager mentioned was that once I change position (within the same department), the people that I currently cooperate with, will miss me! oh sweet words...
   To sum up, I keep following/ chasing my dreams and I raise my patience levels in the meanwhile as this can help me avoid wrong or biased decisions...

Keep calm and keep invoicing! 

Thursday, 1 February 2018


Tu sei solo un ricordo...
hai avuto una possibilità con me, ma...