Monday, 14 August 2017

Another one

This clip makes me smile! :)

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Thursday, 3 August 2017

The unexpected turn

So, in a previous post (in Greek), I mentioned that I met two Greeks, one from my city.

Well, we went out again and we were a beloved company of him, Sudeep, a female colleague of mine and myself.  My colleague and Sudeep had met the previous night, when we went for drinks in a place where we had view of Prague, from above!

As I was saying, the Greek guy- let's call him- Lazaros (even though his name is pretty bad-ass in Greek and I like it), took us for lunch and then we continued for beers. The place has a big variety of foreign beers (because why not) , so I wanted to get a taste.

While we were discussing about -pretty much- everything, I explained something getting an example from tango music. At this point, Lazaros explains he had been a latin dancer, professionally.
*Jaw drops*

And he has been a teacher also.
*Wider opening of jaw*

And he had been teaching tango as well.
*Jaw reaches the pavement*

I asked him if he knows the teacher I had there. One question as an answer "was he a taxi driver before?"

~Damn, yes!~

I had no intentions of meeting Greeks anymore. I had no intentions of finding a dancer. I had no intentions of making friends around my job area.

Well, well, well... It happened!

The guy is simply amazing, funny and lovely.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Sirf tere liye



I am addicted to this language... and maybe not only the language...

Wednesday, 26 July 2017


A night of girls.

A night for cocktails.
Uncountable number of them. Why not, I mean.

A night, in which you confess deep thoughts.

A night in which you get to know another person.

"There should be a reason and you should know". That's what she said.

I disagree.

What if I really shouldn't know?
What if it is not the right time to know?
Or what if I... just don't want to know?

Is life a tango dance?
A glance to an unknown person, for a while... An instant spark, which can last three or four minutes.

Or a lust for the other person's moves
(which by the way can spoil relationships, generally speaking) ...

A never-ending chase of partner.

That one. The one.
The leader who is simultaneously a follower. The person who can listen to your mood, your ideas, your everything. But also, will let you hear their own love, passion, needs...

 How complicated simple is life eventually.

One moment you -think you- have everything, and the next moment you crave something (or for those who dare... someone) new.

 Life is this path of exploration I have rationally chosen. Even though some people have disagreed on that.
Now, those people are out of my life and I will not spare removing any other sound so unfamiliar to me, ever again.

I am strong, after being so weak in other peoples' "arms" (not literally). Those people are not even worth a word from me anymore. And believe me... I m not speaking about boyfriends -only.

There are TWO people who altered my life forever and a joker who thankfully enough, is there to give me a hand (or...two).

One person, is a woman. Apart from the one who gave birth to me (ok, that's a fact), there is another one who played a particular role in how I see the world. Well... FUCK HER. I actually thought about it again and again and I might need to thank her. For cleaning some... dirt out of my life. But ok, she doesn't deserve more lines spend on her.

The second person is a guy.
A person who saw me getting destroyed, burned and almost losing my life. A person who listens to every bullshit I need to tell. He is not my boyfriend though, don't get confused. There is a huge difference of him and some boyfriends I ve had (ok, maybe all). He listens. Everything. Patiently.
Αnd not only that, but he seeks for feasible solutions. Words that won't only soothen my heart, but help me get out of my shit-hole.

That person is Sudeep.

[I know I always change the names and this may cause you thing I break the rules of "no real names posted" but first of all this is something positive and second this is my blog and the rules are mine. (I have never wrote down this rule, right?)]

The joker is Kiki. Or actually, as she was self-introduced to the Indian-restaurant owner: Kyriaki.
[Darling, he had a difficult time pronouncing your name, why didn't you shorten it up a bit?? LOL ].

Those letters, with the actual meaning of the word "letter" have make me see the world brighter, philosophical and from a deep aspect (helloooooooooo, is anybody theeeeeeere???). Very important written documentation has proved to be life-saving and self-developing material.

Thank you to both.

Along with Nikos (that's another joker, but I l keep him hidden for now), you fall in place in order to formulate my personal puzzle of ... close people. [Yes, the one I had been complaining about for soooooo many years, while being ignorant. Not on purpose though].

Now, I need to go but I will return shortly with new thought- provoking (or even provoked) material.

"Ακούω ελληνικά, δε με γελούν τα αφτιά μου;"

   Ναι, κυρίες και κύριοι, με αυτήν ακριβώς τη φράση, γνώρισα δύο Έλληνες (ο ένας μάλιστα από τη Θεσσαλονίκη). Κανονικά, θα έπαιρνα το δίσκο μου και θα έστριβα, αλλά κοίτα να δεις... Έκατσα! Και κατά πως φαίνεται θα τους ξαναδω, αφού δουλεύουν στο δίπλα κτήριο και κρατήσαμε επαφές...

Το τραγικό της υπόθεσης είναι που ζορίζομαι να μιλήσω. Ενίοτε μου λείπουν κάποιες λέξεις...

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Mere jeevan saathi

If you want to watch a(n) (old) Bollywood movie on youtube with English subs, I can offer you this link:

I have watched a lot of romance stories, but common ... here I was a bit surprised! 😱

And this is one of the best (because of the meaning) songs from Bollywood that I 've listened to, so far.

If princes existed.