Thursday, 18 February 2016


You said you know me several times, but the opposite is proven. Well, mistakes are for people.

Choose side.
God or...?

I will not be there again as you think you knew me.
But if you do, then tell me, why did you make ... who am I? And you... why did you make so many... mistakes? I know, i know, you are not God, but noone asked you to be one.

Be the person you always wanted and help others be themselves too. It is easy to predict, however it is difficult to be accurate.

From me ...

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Nothing as you .

   So, you were in my conversation again. Something made me remember you. You and all of the mistakes...
   I wish you would be different now. But you are not and you will never be as it seems. No need to ask "why". This is you.
You come from time to time. Maybe you thought that I tried to block you even from my blog. But no... I have no time of playing like this.

   You know... it s funny how people think they can play (with) you. There are only very few times when they really can.
   Sorry, you have already failed.

   As I usually say :"people come and go". Why not you as well...? This time though, I m gonna leave it the way it is.

   I m a writer, have you noticed?

Sunday, 7 February 2016

"Κατα συρροήν" σκέψεις.

   Κάθομαι εδώ, μέρα Κυριακή, στο Λίμπερετς και διαβάζοντας για την πτυχιακή χαζεύω το λιγοστό ήλιο απο το παράθυρο. Θεσσαλονίκη; Πού είσαι; Έκανα λάθος που έφυγα; Θα γυρίσω μωρέ. Αλλά ούτε αυτό το θέλω ακριβώς. Έχω φίλους κι εδώ κι εκεί. Έχω κι αγαπημένα μέρη. Και πράγματα να εξερευνήσω υπάρχουν σίγουρα παντού.
   Θυμάσαι; Χρόνια σου έλεγα πως θέλω να φύγω. "Τάσεις φυγής" η περίπτωσή μου. Λίγο πριν το τέλος -την αρχή της αναχώρησής μου- ξαναβρεθήκαμε και μου είπες θαρρώ αγανακτισμένα "ακόμα το μυαλό σου στην Τσεχία είναι;". Ναι. Κι απο ότι βλέπεις το κατάφερα. Προφανώς όχι για να αποδείξω κάτι σε κάποιον. Ούτε καν σε μένα. Τα κατάφερα. Αλλά το ανήσυχο μυαλό μου δε λέει να καταλαγιάσει τις σκέψεις που χειμαρρωδώς το κατακλύζουν. "Εδώ ή εκεί;" αλλά και "τι κάνουμε τώρα" είναι οι επικρατούσες. Λες κι όλος ο υπόλοιπος κόσμος γνωρίζει καλά τι κάνει και που οδεύει. Όμως, εγώ δεν είμαι σαν τους υπόλοιπους.
   Εγώ πάντα θέλω να βρίσκω το λόγο και την ουσία. Στις κινήσεις, στη μάθηση, στη ζωή. Κι όλα αυτά με αφορμή 2 παραγράφους απο το βιβλίο του αγαπημένου Πέτρου Μαρτινίδη "Κατα συρροήν"(κεφάλαιο 2-αναμνήσεις <μα πόσο μου ταιριάζει!> ).

   Κική, για σένα με αγάπη:

   "Πώς "χάνεται" ένας άνθρωπος; Μήπως μέσα σε μια γενική χλιαρότητα ή μέσα στην απάθεια, στην απραξία και την αμεθεξία ως προς τους πραγματικούς ανθρώπους κι ως προς φανταστικούς ήρωες, χάνεται κανείς με τον ίδιο τρόπο που λέμε οτι "χάθηκε" επειδή "σώθηκαν οι μέρες του";

   Αλλά και μια απλή μέρα πως "χάνεται"¨; Χάνεται μοιραία, αναπόφευκτα, αμέριμνα ή απρόσεκτα, συχνά αδιάφορα και πάντα τόσο εύκολα! Είναι εκεί και μετά δεν είναι, σαν σε έναν αφανή κι αταλεύτητο τζόγο στο "εδώ παπάς, εκεί παπάς" του Πανδαμάτορος."

Παραθέτω και μια φωτογραφία του συγγραφέως και τον ευχαριστώ για τις ώρες που μου διέθεσε προ μηνών για να με βοηθήσει με την πτυχιακή μου εργασία μα και με τον εμπλουτισμό των γνώσεων και του λεξιλογίου μου.
Au revoir!

Friday, 5 February 2016

Writing task 1: "A coffee date with the person you were a year ago", part 1

   A page of my diary.

10th of Jan 2015

After submitting my work for a course at university, I decided that it was time to have a coffee.  I grabbed my phone and started giving calls to my closest - in the area- friends. Everyone was busy studying or either out of town. I wasn' t discouraged that much. I chose to go out alone and have a cup of coffee in one of my beloved places. Besides, I was totally worth it after so much studying. So,I packed a book in my bag and headed to the coffee shop.
   Within a few minutes of my arrival there, I was enjoying a cappuccino. Being settled down for reading and relaxing, I noticed a familiar face entering the place. That was unbelievable! I could see a girl completely like me, inspecting the place. That was really strange! I was amazed and shocked at the same time for seeing a person that we look alike. She glanced at me. I was thinking of speaking to her, but I was feeling afraid at the moment. Did she know that she looks like me as well?
   She approached me. I let the book on the table and hypnotized observed her. Was I fainted? Dead maybe? How could I be out of my body?

   "Hey, silly!", she said.
    My eyes were wide open, waiting for her next sentence.
    "Can I sit, please?" she asked.
    "Yes... yes you can" , I replied as if she was my lost twin sister.
    "Well, I am so sorry for bothering you, but I have a mission to accomplish and ....", she was talking like she wanted me to answer a questionnaire about cosmetics.
    "Excuse me? May I interrupt you?", I politely asked her.
    "Oh, please, do so".
    "Are you aware of us looking alike?"
    "I am, but please be patient and you will understand as well.", she comforted me.
   I had no other choise rather than remaining silent.
    "Well, you will not believe me , but I am you", she eventually claimed.

   Of course I only thought that she was joking. After pausing for a minute, I told her that this was completely impossible.

   "Well", she begun, "I have many things to tell you, even if you don't believe me exactly".
   I was dying to listen to her story, even though I was prejudiced. I thought that even if she lies, I can still enjoy my coffee time with someone and...who knows? Maybe I could earn a friend.
   "So, I am, you know... coming from future!", she said cautiously. In case this was real, she would had already predicted that I wouldn't believe her easily.