Saturday, 9 January 2016

Song of the night

   I don' t want to return to my room tonight. there is no place I can fit it right now. I m in a pub, drinking. I m gonna get drunk. It s the only way to stand this reality. The roommate, the distance with my fiance, all the decisions I have to make, the lack of personal space, the friends...
   You told me so many times "We are ALL alone". I couldn't believe you. I wanted to try, to see.
And now? Yes, I am alone. But you know, sometimes I like being alone. Some other times I need someone to hold my shoulder and look deep in my eyes... "everything is gonna be ok. Not right now, but in a few hours" And that s it. A few hours only...

    Please, be magic, do magic. Take me out of here. Take me back, in my hole. Let me in

You have told me... "people come and go". Oh, yes, I know. Now I know. It is always a matter of time, a matter of intentions.... schedules...

You were once next to me. Then you hurt me and what did I do? I let you back in my life again. I had forgiven you without being asked to do so. And now, you are invisibly around me, trying to...what? Hurt me again? Oh no, now you are the one who got hurt. And you are seeking for me. Even though I ignored you, I rejected you. What do you want?


A dog approached me and made me feel better. Oh yes, I love dogs...

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Questions about love.

   What makes up fall in love?
       Why do we love specific people instead of others?
And how does it work?
     Are we able to stop it? Can we control it at least?
           And is it love when we like someone much from the very first moment?
Do the friendships have to pass through love or love breaks the friendship?

Για σένα.

  Is it all about chemistry or should we also do some math? Is there any special phenomenon about the way people fall in love? Genetics? DNA? Traditions?

We fall in love with people we know, that is common logic of course. But how can we see a person on a photo and claim that we like them instead of waiting the love do its magic when we meet them?

And the most important... Can we prevent other people from falling in love with us? Or stop them if they do already?

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Γιατί δεν έρχεσαι ποτέ όταν σε θέλω;

Αφιερωμένο στην Κυριακή.
(Δεν περιέχει θυμό, απογοήτευση ή αρνητισμό. Σου γράφω και με συνοδεύει. Μόνο εσύ θα καταλάβεις)

"Απ’ της ψυχής μου το ιερό ως της ζωής μου το μπουρδέλο".

Το μετά, δικό σου