Saturday, 10 October 2015


   I have been settled in Liberec. I have a new job, a real job in my profession -ok, not exactly real, but even practice counts as a job- new friends, new things to explore and much more!
   I stayed in Prague for 3 days before my final arrival at Liberec. It was nice, but since it s a big city, I wouldn't like to stay there for longer. But in case I cannot find a proper job here, of course I will search there also!
   Greece is beautiful, but I think I prefer this kind of green areas. I still have so many things to explore! And of course I want to go for trips around! And I have already done something! The trip to Jested (the ski resort -it s obviously a mountain) and to Preciosa -the glass factory. Oh , I have so much fun!!!

This is Prague ~ majestic !

I did it!! 

om nom nom yammie!

Liberec, is that you? I cannot believe it!

See you around !

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