Sunday, 31 December 2017

Last post of 2017

The year of 2017 is leaving and it is taking with it a bunch of memories... most of them are good.

I am really glad that it is leaving and also the not-so-good memories are leaving with it, like an X-bf i 've had. This guy does not even deserve to lie in my past actually...

The year of 2017 was filled with 3 amazing trips:

  •  Poland- Warsaw (and a tango marathon)
  •  Netherlands - Alkmaar and Amsterdam (and a librarianship conference)
  • Hungary - Budapest (a milonga and a wonderful Christmas time...)
  • A few short trips

An amazing live concert : Sabaton in Prague!

The end of my studies along with my outstanding thesis (how useful it was)

An excellent job: Whatever I do for a living in a famous international company.

A bunch of people (no names given to protect them :) ) 
Better level of Czech language (I can say I speak now ! ), some Hindi and a bit of Italian .
The house I am living in, which is spacious!

And of course, a better financial stability (AT LAST!) .

What 2017 is taking with it: 
  • Shitty people who were keeping me down on the ground.
  • My old self who was insecure, filled with regrets, guilt and fear.
  • Pain.

Overall it was an amazing year as my premonition in the beginning of it... 
I regret nothing, I became better in so many fields and I have overcome my fears and even my own dreams!

"Everything is possible!" - that is the message of this year!

I am so valuable eventually... And I had been wasting myself with wrong people.

A word with myself:

I m sorry buddy for whatever situation I have put you in, because I was not able to see my price...
I am sorry for all the pain I let other people make you feel. I was unable to see that they are just low quality... I could not focus on me. 

Now we are moving forward, no looking back, no regrets.
That's your freaking life! 

Aim achieved!

I am wishing everyone a great New Year and don't forget to set your goals and follow your heart's dreams - noone else's.
That is a law of life...
Enjoy folks. 

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