Monday, 1 January 2018

First post of 2018

Happy New Year to all of you !

My wishes for this year will be secret for some time. I have no resolution and such bullshit -sorry guys, it barely works- but instead i am setting new aims and goals. Making my plans to reach new levels...

I want to share with you my experience in the magical Budapest, that I visited with Sudeep (voila, his face online) ! Unfortunately photos and videos were prohibited in the -very formal- milonga, so that night lives as a memory in my head. But "oh boy"! I got some gooooood and sooooothing hugs of tango over there.
Batteries re-charged!

And here we are:

The famous chain bridge. So wonderful..

The parliament during the night

The sunset over the parliament

The smiles of success!

Pure happiness in front of Danube

We are growing up together, since Sudeep is not only my best friend, but also my flatmate (have I ever mentioned that? I don't remember). So you can imagine how great my life is :D
It's full of surprises... 

May this year be even greater than the previous one!

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  1. The success of life depends on HAPPINESS and yes we are growing up together. It's my pleasure being a part of your life as you make my life amazing as well. Lets say that this trip was the beginning of more memorable trips in future. Lets live like there's no tomorrow ;)


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