Δευτέρα, 23 Οκτωβρίου 2017

My reality

   In this reality I am leaving in, there are no narrow-minded people who would accuse me for not knowing a particular song of a very famous rock band. In this life I am living in, noone would care If I have watched the recently released hollywood movie. In the life I made, noone would mock my music taste or my early-night-I-go-to-bed  habbit. Or that I dislike clubs.
   In my world, people get excited when I tell them how much I love languages and travelling. Some of them might wanna know about my unique style of clothes (the new one of course).  People admire me for my mind, not my fucking boyfriend. People give me "hats off" for overcoming all the pain I have gonne throughout my life. Some people in occasions have called me a diplomat. A proffessional.
   On my side, I admire myself as well. There is no more jealousy of other people, since in this age, I have achieved more than I thought I would. Thanks to those strangers who believed in me, more than I did and they showed it to me by actions. Unfortunatelly, people who had been close to me wheather were neutral or even very negative. How many times I heard the phrase "it is so difficult, you won't make it". Oh jesus, I remember the people, the occasions ... People who thing small, achieve small. If your dream is small, that's ok. But if you want to  achieve more, bigger dreams then there are no barriers.

   I feel so alive!

    Plus, I feel such relief that I left a bunch of people behind me. Not only in the past, but behind me. As we say in greek "eat my dust".
   That unspoken race or rivarly between us, is not there anymore. You know why? Because I 've beaten you, in a game that you have staged with all the favours on your side. The odds were against me so strongly, that you were claiming yourself a winner since the beginning of this stupid game. I didn't want to play. I was asking you to stop. However you were pushing even more, with satisfaction hidden behind your (pretended to be) innocent face. Despite your time spent on this...project, the victory is mine!

   This world in which I have escaped, is a world I selected and I personally created. With all the pros and the cons (is there actually any con? I doubt) . It is a real place, in which I allow people to enter wheather I throw them out if anything...

   Yes, I will get hurt again. Yes, I will feel loneliness probably. Yes, I will face difficulties. But now, I am sure about my capabilities and most important, about myself!

   Special thanks to people who tried to keep me back and made this victory even more prestigious! Too bad for those who remained attached to their boring routine and their misery (whomever those people are).



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Ανώνυμος είπε...

"Life is a journey" they say; you have crossed miles and miles amongst all the thunderstorms and lightnings, there is always a destination you had in mind, to become someone you know. TO BECOME YOUR OWN SELF – ANNA.
Life which you have created now is just a page in your book, there’s a long way to go and a lot more to see and experience. For now, tap yourself on the back and say you’ve acheived a point in life; to be independent. No restrictions, noone to judge you or noone you have to listen to.
"Life is a mystery" they say; but you know that’s not true. You decide things, you take a step forward for what you desire. People don’t get stuck to rituals or routines, but they choose to follow it which gets them stuck. You stuck to your routine for acheiving something every day and here you go, you made a point to the world.
"Its not easy" they say; to all the people who told that you, you showed them what you can be. Always dream, big or small, but DREAM. That’s the only thing which can keep you going.
I am not a person who would say congratulation for reaching a point in life, But I am a person who would say, DONT’T STOP.
All the best for all the dreams you have in life. I wish you success and happiness in every step you take.

Your well wisher

Ανώνυμος είπε...

Άννα και πάλι μέσα από το μπλογκ σου σε βρίσκω δεν έχω δυστυχώς ούτε εμαιλ ούτε κινητό τίποτα! Και εδώ που είμαι δεν έχω επαφή με κανέναν οπότε διαβάζοντας τα κείμενά σου σκέφτηκα μήπως είμαστε στο ίδιο μέρος και δεν το ξέρω; Θα μου πεις μετά από τόσα χρόνια αλλά έχω μια συμφοιτήτρια με το ίδιο όνομα και λέω λες; Όλγα βι.

Zinala είπε...

Δεν είχα κάποια συμφοιτήτρια με το όνομα Όλγα Βι (κι άλλα 4 γράμματα;), αλλά συμμαθήτρια γυμνάσιο και λύκειο. Αν είσαι εσύ που έκανες εράσμους στην Κροατία κι έχεις μια ξαδέρφη με το μισό μου όνομα, ναι εμένα ψάχνεις.
Εγώ βρίσκομαι στην Πράγα. Εσύ (όποια κι αν είσαι τελικά), που βρίσκεσαι και δεν έχεις επαφές με κανέναν;

Zinala είπε...

V? Is that you?

Ανώνυμος είπε...

Its not the name which matters but the thoughts and words which do. I will stay a well wisher to you and remain anonymous. Hope our paths cross-by in the near future, to see how big you have become.

Zinala είπε...

I hope not bigger in weight! Thank you though and remain anonymous as you wish :)

Zinala είπε...

Can you please tell me if my blog has a problem or not ? After you wrote "Your well wisher" I see this :  (it is a cube not an emoticon) .

Ανώνυμος είπε...


Ανώνυμος είπε...

Η Όλγα ειμαι και έχω την ξαδέρφη σου στην Ρόδο :) είμαι Αγγλία και έχω χάσει επαφές.. μπορώ να σε βρω κάπου;

Zinala είπε...

Γιατί σας θυμάμαι σε ανάποδη φάση;;
Στείλε μου ένα μειλ εδώ: zifia.avon [at] gmail.com για να σου στείλω το κινητό μου να τα πούμε στο γουατς απ και στο βάιμπερ αν θες. Δεν εχω φμπ.

Ανώνυμος είπε...

Ah you mean this  . It’s not a problem of your blog, it’s a general problem with people around. They smile less, I hope now you understand what that is. 

Zinala είπε...

A smiley :)

Sudeep Sangamesh Babu είπε...

All the best for your future endeavors Anna. I have seen you grow personally; I have seen you getting shaped from a plain rock to a very admirable sculptor myself. The life which you are building, the dreams about your future and how you see life in your eyes is extra-ordinary. I’m so proud of you.

I agree completely with Mr. Anonymous about how he explains “LIFE” in simple terms. Matter of fact is that if everyone starts to live life and stop worrying about what Society thinks, then life is much easier and beautiful. Life is truly a journey with ups and downs, which we all have to face, I guess that’s the beauty of life; wouldn’t you agree Mr. Anonymous.

(To Mr. Anonymous: I would definitely like to meet you in person and learn more of your experiences. I know you want to remain Anonymous, but it would be better to know you)

Once again all the very best for your future and would love to read more of your experiences as well.


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