Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Enjoyment in a foggy day

   I would never imagine myself being in an office ~I love that place to be accurate~ waiting for people to need my one minute assistance (wtf, i am THAT useful ). I ve already had 10 people and I am expecting maybe one or two more. Why not...
   I am listening to tango once again, and I can clearly see that friends always exist. I could have never imagined having in the present, better friends than in the past. I am sipping my second coffee, slowly, as I read his e-mail. A significant one, again, as it seems. Reality is bitter, like coffee. But by sipping the coffee, I get some pleasure. Same goes for life.
   I needed to take a break, once again, in the middle of his e-mail, so I could fathom all the meaning behind the words. I tend to devour e-mails, letter, chats... I feel thirsty for communication. But in the present, I am the one who needs to act more as a recipient than a sender . I have a vehemence of understanding the things around me, so eventually I can be able to get a small pinch of my own reality, my life. I do not have the same enthusiasm of explaining my mind to people. To tell him how similar we think? Why to get stuck into the same phrases all over again? Instead, we can speak for something more. One step further. Knowledge. Yes, please, I like this state of philosophy that we submerge ourselves. Do you adore evolving yourself? So do I.

~yes, I was accurate, two more girls just entered~

Oh man, I need to read those e-mails at least twice, because I m afraid of disregarding short meanings or pictures. And probably, I m reading them again in the future.

~Sun after the hail, the strong wind and the rain. Weather exactly like life. Liberec, I m not truly decided If i adore, like, love, dislike [and many more verbs] you, yet~

I m diving into the written reality, which represents the life of two different and probably ordinary -so far- people. Wanna leave your mark? Why, where, on whom?
Food for thought.

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