Friday, 17 February 2017

Speaking about regrets

   Regrets in your life can drive you crazy. It is about this life that you might have had, IF you did this or that...
   Regrets are small worms in your soul that can devour the whole "you" within moments.
But then the moments pass. And you are free again, till the next regrets.

"What if...?" & "What if not..."

Live your life, live the small moments, be quite humble. You can also be a superstar from time to time. It s your life, you choose.
Try not to hurt anyone. Live those moments and let them sleep forever in your mind afterwards. Your heart is an empty drawer. Fill it up. Make the best out of this short period...

Take the chances. And leave your mark. Somewhere and maybe on someone. You never know. Life is a simple state in the most complicated way.



  1. Και πεινάω και βαριέμαι και διψώ και κατουριέμαι. Όταν, άμα, αφού. Το γοργόν και χάρη έχει αλλά πάω αργά για να φτάσω γρήγορα και το καλό πράγμα αργεί να γίνει. Ποιος είμαι που πάω τι κάνω? Ναι μεν αλλά. Σύνελθε!

  2. Μια χαρά είμαι, μάλλον δεν κατάλαβες την ουσία του ποστ. Είμαι καλύτερα απο ποτέ!


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