Saturday, 8 July 2017


Hello there!
I finally have the best reasons for my so-long absence from my writing habits. Well, I am sooooooooo excited that I don't even know where to start!

I think it is better to take it slowly by giving you the main idea and then filling up the details. I have had a crazy time and it doesn't even matter since when this started, because time is in my side from now on.
So, hold yourselves, I am starting.

You all knew I was about to defend my thesis. I did. So:


And you know, I have done the impossible. See below.


Oh, wait. That' s... not the truth.

Before even graduating, I got the offer. Who does that?? And this is not a job of whatever. This is a career opportunity.

So, this had a consequence:
Yes, me. I did it. And it seems to be one of the best decisions I have ever taken!!

I have no idea which of the above is the best thing that I have done so far. I wrote the stuff in the order they happened. Within like 10 days probably.  

I went already to my new job and oh god, I have so many stuff to tell you.

Let me get a sip of my cold Únětické beer of 12°...
Oh lovely spirits, it's Saturday and I am enjoying an amazing day today!...

Well, I got so many compliments simultaneously from people during the last period, that I started feeling embarrassed (almost).

I 've got comments about how smart I am on my first training day. Kinda cool I suppose!! The funny thing is that they really meant it. And it is such a great thing to know...
I have just started A CAREER!! I so like the idea.
I don't want to reveal for whom I work and what I do. Let's not shock some people... But for sure my life has changed and I am expecting it to change even more. In a positive way!

I have achieved my teenager dreams. All, one by one. On my own (as much as someone can be alone). I can see a successful person in me and this feeling is pretty damn good! Now, in some time, I will move on to my next goal . Because life without goals, can make you a couch potato. And I am not this kind of person.

Knowledge is around me all over... such as pleasure. And a -finally- calm heart.

"FINALLY" is the word I keep saying to myself every day. And maybe even several times per day.

I have a flat, which looks like I chose to move to Amsterdam and it is just renovated. The neighborhood is quiet and simultaneously amazing.   My office, is not very far and it is located opposite of a big mall and right next to a metro station. I mean... what else would I ask for!!?

I left behind me the dull, depressing Thessaloniki, with all of the complaining part. I also left there my previous self. Now, thanks to many people, I have found who I am and what I want to do in my life.

 I am finally satisfied!!

In January, I have said that this year was going to be different, amazing and full of surprises. I was correct. Good feelings kept coming one after the other and every time I was correct. Now, I am about to stabilize myself, but really I don't care any more so much about this part. I just know it is gonna happen.

I have wasted a lot of time on wrong people. But this doesn't mean that I will not make any mistakes from now on.  It is just so obvious that I have grown up. A LOT.

I am just able to do.... EVERYTHING I WANT.
The smile is on my face 24/7. And you know... I look so beautiful with it.

 Oh, by the way, in the company I work, there is a dress code: smart casual.
I never looked more professional, more beautiful, more successful.

I am everything I want. I am Anna.

Another hit happened when I invited the author that my thesis was about (Petros Martinidis). Unfortunately for him, his car had broken down. So, he received my thesis by mail.
And one of the following mornings i received an answer from him. Something I never expected particularly from him. He was sincerely congratulating me for my job, the way I approached the issue and how amazing I analyzed everything. He regretted not taking a taxi to be there in the defense. THAT WAS SUCH A COMPLIMENT!!

I thought he would be strict or he would have told be "you could have done better". He is a high class person, by the meaning of knowledge. I admire him a lot. And he gave me such a feedback. I had goosebumps. I felt honored.

People commenting on me, my possibilities and how proud they feel about me. One after the other.

It was the first time in my life I 've heard something coming from my father.
He said that I achieved stuff that males cannot.

Yes, I can.
I have a word, and once I say it I keep it. No matter what.

The last days I keep celebrating one thing after the other, including the graduation of my very best friend: Sudeep. In the beginning I celebrated my coming back to Greece, then my own graduation (no, don't expect me to go to my graduation, on please), then simultaneously the amazing job offer, then Sudeep's graduation, then the moving and oh my, i still have a lot more!!

But now it is time to leave.
And since it is getting late and I want to dive into knowledge, I m gonna leave you with some songs. Greek of course.

And one song I keep singing for I don't know how long now:


  1. Thank you for mentioning me.. I wish you all the very best in your life... We still are going to have amazing fun and lots of good memories to make.. As I always say, this is just the beginning.. The movies is yet to begin.. 😊😍

  2. Well done to both of you. I wish the best and make your dreams come true. And I will say something I have told you before : κανείς δεν χάνεται, όλοι τον βρισκουν τον δρόμο τους :)

    1. Ευχαριστώ πολύ. Το ίδιο και σε σένα :)

  3. Congratulations, you deserved it ;) And have a blast in Prague.


    1. I didn't expect a comment to be honest :D
      Thanks a lot!!


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