Friday, 14 July 2017

My life from books

   Since I moved and I didn't have internet for a few days (only because I didn't have time to visit a shop, otherwise once I visited the company, I got it within an hour, not like in Greece, that you get it after a month!), I had the chance, thanks to Scribd, to read a few books. Well, the story goes like this: At first I got the offer for one free month of reading and I really wanted to read one book that I could find only there and nowhere else online (you possibly know my librarian/retrieving-from -the -internet skills, so yes, i dug up everything, but without results). So, I gave the details of my card -obligatory step of course- with the thought that "I m gonna cancel it after I finish the book, not a big deal".

Obviously this part never happened. Because I got wrapped up with all the previous good news and as a result I forgot it (now I can say "Thank God"). Anyways, I got charged for the current month- it's not very expensive thankfully- so I thought of taking this opportunity and read few books, of those for passing your time easily (I am -too obviously- taking a break from crime novels for  a while, after all this knowledge coming from and going to my thesis).

Let me remind you that simultaneously I have started my new job. That means that I meet new people constantly.  And - oboy- I have so many moments as If I am the main character of those books. Or some movies.

Yes, imagine me as Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie "I Don't Know How She Does It" and a lot more or as my beloved Jennifer Aniston  in many movies casually hurries to the office (guess who was almost late two days ago! Hups).
And definitely not only those moments. I got you another example of -amazing- Sandra Bullock in the "Proposal". 😁😆

I have to go now. See ya soon.

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