Sunday, 16 July 2017

First night out in Prague

   Last night I decided it was high time I went somewhere. Of course I don't know people yet (apart from some colleagues, but we will come back to them in another post) and that makes the situation a little bit more tricky, since my buddy is in India. For almost a month. Really Sudeep?Well, ok, I will explore EVERYTHING alone.

Ok, I m joking. That's impossible anyway. Prague is... huge!
And so is the park/forest/i-still-have-no-idea-what-this-huge-area-is behind our house. I will go once, but pray for the wolves. I might be toxic for them.

So, as I was saying I received a message from a friend who came to Prague from Liberec. Well, "surprise?" I might have said to myself and I had a quick shower.

I needed an hour to get to the place, catching like some of the last trams. Of course I went in the wrong direction at first (it was funny for me, cause I was somehow returning in my home area, risking my night out because I have no clue about the night transportation!).

Eventually I arrived, safe and beautiful. Yes, I needed to say the last statement [haha].

It was a ...milonga!!

I met people who I already knew and that was a bit of relief, but I also met new people. I danced my tantas and I was full of enthusiasm, again!
For sure I have become better, since there was a "demand" from their side to dance with me. But, hell no, I am not a professional [yet. Cause you never know life -I grin-].

After those 4 books I 've read in the last week (stay without internet and suddenly you 'll find a helluva lot of time), I think I reconsidered some aspects in my life, particularly the "dating" section and the "we might die today". Gosh, what type of romance have I been reading eventually? Lol.

Anyways, I wanted to mention that my first official night out (common I 've been for pizza already, but very close to my house, so I don't count that much) was successful. Of course it would have been. I have nothing to fear...

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  1. I'm coming back... I'm coming... And it's not a month... We have a deal of going to the forest together... Do not cheat me on that deal... Wolves love INDIANS... We are sweet meat you know... Lol... I'm happy you had fun... 😁😋


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